Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Social Entrepreneurism Module RQ1 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Entrepreneurism Module RQ1 - Coursework Example Success means they must have the backing of willing donors. In light of this, it is crucial for any leader in social enterprises to have certain characteristics. This paper will examine some of the characteristics, and how they may assist them to stay at the top of the business chain. One vital character trait that a leader in the social enterprise must have is optimism. In the face of adversity, it is only right to have a leader who is optimistic of the outcome of certain scenarios, no matter how difficult the tasks or challenges may be. The hope that they will come out on top may work as encouragement to all those under that leader. It is true what social entrepreneurs believe about society that not everyone benefits from its success. It is their place in society to change this for the betterment of everyone. Their diverse views on how business ventures should relate to the environment is different from what for-profit enterprises believe. This makes them more versatile and diverse (Elkington & Hartigan, 2008). Another character trait is their futuristic nature. Social entrepreneurs always strive to find a lasting solution, beyond short term answers. This makes them decisive and dependent as individuals working under them find it easier to approach their leader with problems that require immediate attention. Last but not least, they are confident. They are not afraid to take chances in this highly competitive market, even if they have little resources. Social entrepreneurs have a small number of donors, which does not work to their advantage. This is unlike their competitors who rely on funding from philanthropic and charitable organizations to fund their businesses (Dees, Emerson & Economy, 2002). It may be risky for them but, they have to do this for the sake of society. In conclusion, leadership traits can be learnt from the existing business conditions. Some have the ability to grow, evolve, and change with changes in the

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