Thursday, October 17, 2019

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Introduction An organization could only be considered dynamic if it’s operational and it’s performing. The quality of the operation will influence its competitiveness and express its influence in the market to leverage. Part of 1 of this paper is some annotated bibliography on performance management and the second part is a company analysis. Theme 1. Annotated Bibliography Arnason, R., (2009). Fisheries management and operations research, European Journal of Operational Research, Elsevier, vol. 193(3), pages 741-751. Author is a scholar specializing his study on the aquatic reserves and who was challenged to evaluate the fishery industry anent to some deep-rooted problem on economic inefficiency e.g. blaming on inappropriate social institutions which control fishing management and common property development. Author argued the needs to replace the existing institutions that can provide appropriate leadership and management attune to the ideal social objectives of fisher ies. While author recognized the singular objective of fishing industry which is to maximize the present value and benefits from fisheries but empirical realities on the ground showed variegated, conflicting and interests of groups within the industry. Arnason contended that it’s more appropriate to embrace a multi-objective programming system with such management regime that is inclusive of (1) fisheries management system, (2) enforcement and (3) fisheries policies. This system, for him, should be correlated to the cost required in fisheries management and its value of harvest. Author further acknowledged that there ought to be a balance in fisheries management with cost efficiency amid multidisciplinary issues to ensure that managers are able to perform the necessary tasks necessary to have effective produce. Holsapple, C. W. & Lee-Post, A. (2010). Behavior-based analysis of knowledge dissemination channels in operations management, Omega, Elsevier, vol. 38(3-4), pages 167- 178. Authors are scholars taking serious interests on analyzing the behaviors about how knowledge is disseminated in operation management. Both contended that the significance if this discipline is vital for knowledge dissemination through journals, magazines, books, and other online sources for information that are supportive or are exploring more about the significance of operational management, which may include surveys, analyses. Though the study was quite limited by scope and resources utilized to fit the needs of the researcher, however, the examination of behaviors as explicated in the resources used was able to explicate the three metrics for rating publications for operational management studies. Researchers believed that the metric can be utilized by those who are working to determine which OM journals or books uphold substantial relevance. Galindo, G. & Batta, R. (2013). Review of recent developments in OR/MS research in disaster operations management, European Journal of Operational Research, Elsevier, vol. 230(2), pages 201-211. Researchers are scholars who have serious interests in reviewing the developments in OR/MS studies focused on disaster operation management. They affirmed that as disaster impacts to large number of populace and create serious environmental damages, the devastating effects inspire interests on scrutinizing the disaster operations management are undertaken using the studies of Nezih Altay and Walter

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