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Hospitality Industry Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hospitality Industry Management - Essay Example Brief Overview of Pan Pacific Hotel: The Pan Pacific group has 18 premium hotels and resorts all across the world. For last 35 years this group is providing the best service with luxury and comfort of the highest order. The main aim of this group is to do the best for their stakeholders. The Australian branch of the Pan Pacific Hotel was launched on 6th January, 2011 (Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, official webpage, 2013). Promotion of The Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth: The pan pacific hotel group is one of the renowned hotel and hospitality management group of the world. The group itself follows a uniform promotional strategy all across the world in different countries wherever they have their branches. Recently they have open a branch in Pert, Australia and there also there promotion of product and service are following the same pattern like the other parts of the world. The key promotional part of their group is distinctive accommodation with high service standards.The emotional value s of the staffs associated with this group also helped them to serve their customers more efficiently. The smile and heartfelt gesture of their staffs for all the visitors can be treated as personal pride that helps to create moments that can be remembered by the visitors throughout their life. By this the group build their brands and meet the needs of the customer (Every Moments Count, Annual report, 2011, 10). The promotional Strategy is entirely based on creating best memorable hotel experiences for the clients, enriching customer experience, internallsing the brand value of encouraging more involvement of the partners and associate, arranging road shows to build more connections with the customer base all over the country. In the year 2012, the pan pacific hotel group launched a new advertising campaign for its Australian portfolio. Source: on 19-09-2013. The tag line of this advertisement was â€Å"Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts: E mbrace the Pacific†. With this add promotion , the group promised to provide an enriching experience for the refreshment of their guest. The ‘Pan Pacific Perth - A hotel stay like no other’ tagline was used to ensure unique and uncompromised customer service that no other hospitality management group can provide.(Pan Pacific Hotels Group –Press Release, 2012). Partnership of Pan Pacific Hotel, Parth: Pan Pacific hotel, pert to elaborate their business associated themselves with different social and sports activities in the city of Perth, The hotel associated themselves as the major hospitality partners for the Australia’s richest road race in the Southern Hemisphere. (PR Consloe, 2013). This partnership was in view of the companies brand promise of creating meaningful and enriching experience for its customers, staffs and local people. Recommendation of Improvement of Product Price Promotion and Partnership: Jones (1999), in his writing pointed out t he concept of multi-unit management. According to him, this concept will give a new dimension to this continuously changing and growing hospitality management industry. In his study he pointed out towards the theoretical concept of how does these hospitality chains were functioning over the year, and also suggested a new model related to the multi-level hospitality management which clearly based on six activities namely: integration, location, configuration, organization, implementation and adaptation.

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