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Development of renewable energy sources Essay

strange solar capability, hook advocator liberal faster the last couple geezerhood and is today the environsalists preferred alternative cipher source (Bradley 1). Paul Brown writes, Sebastian Seidel 3 Electricity production in the U. K. from flatus leapt by 31% last year, making it the straightaway growing industry in the field of honor of ability generation (1). Every year, the tally of electrical energy breakd by twine power is increasing, especially in the USA, Germany, Denmark and Spain (Brown 1). The improvements do in wind power writers in the unrivalled-time(prenominal) years, has led to more efficient wind mills.James Flanigan describes, a single windmill generator today is capable of doing the work of 10 windmills of the 1970s, when wind power experiments began (2). He adds, device generation can deliverer electrical energy at 3 cents to 6 cents a kilowatt-hour (2). This is a lot less than the fair electricity price paid in the U. S. today. further although wind power seems to be the ideal energy source, environmental militant who were promoting alternative energy in the sometime(prenominal) now have doubts about wind power. Robert L. Bradley reasons in his article, that wind blades have killed thousand of birds in the U. S.and abroad in the last decade, including imperil species (2).Like any human made construction, wind blades are a scourge to birds, but so is any electricity line. The Altamont Pass wind-power plant in atomic number 20 is a good example of a misplaced wind power facility. hardly any research about the wolf environment was done when the windmills were set up. But even if one project has a disobedient impact on the environment and wildlife, wind power has still limitless good aspects (Bradley 2). Therefore Hal Harvey, president of the free energy Foundation, declares, weve found the holy grail wind is now cheaper than any fossil fuel-based.Sebastian Seidel 4 power source (qtd. in birdlime 1). Hydro-P ower means making electricity from piss power. In his article, Stuart Baird declares, Hydro-Power is currently the worlds largest renewable source of electricity, accounting for 6% of worldwide energy supply or about 15% of the worlds electricity(1). It has been known to be one of the cleanest ways to produce energy, because it does non produce any exhaust fumes or waste of any kind. As Baird adds, hydro-power is get out than burning coal, oil or intrinsic gas to produce electricity, as it does not contribute to global warming or acid rain (2).Another pull in is that it helps to control water, for example with dams. But hydropower dams similarly have negative environmental impacts, such(prenominal) as blocking fish movements and fall water quality. Another disadvantage of this proficiency is the flooding and destruction of entire ecosystems (Baird 2) and the affix of bacteria in the water due to decaying vegetation, which can be harmful to the fishes and to those who elimi nate them (Baird 4). Like solar- and wind-power, Hydro-Power has many good as closely as a a few(prenominal) bad aspects. The problems mentioned above result from unplanned, bad managed and oversized hydro-power systems.But, if a dam is wellhead sited, well operated and kept reasonable in size, these environmental impacts can be cut back though not eliminated. renewable energy has many good as well as many bad aspects. immediately most of the electricity comes from coal-, gas- and nuclear-plants. Still, the luck of electricity made with renewable energy is growing every year. Canada for example adds 60% of Sebastian Seidel 5 energy made by hydro-plants to the study grid (Baird 1) and Denmark satisfies 18% of electrical require with electricity produced wind-power (Brown 1).Within the few nigh years, due to technical improvements and cheaper production methods, the percentage of renewable energy added to western countries necessitate will rapidly grow. But wads of research has to be done until wherefore to limit the negative impacts on the environment.Sebastian Seidel 6 Baird, Stuart Hydro-Electric Power. Energy Educators of Ontario 1993. 15 Jan. 2002. Bradley, Robert L. Dirty Secrets of renewable Energy. USA Today Magazine whitethorn 1998. 14 Jan. 2002 Brown, Paul Wind power use grows by 30%. The protector 10 Jan. 2002. 17 Jan. 2002. Flanigan, James getting serious about Earth-Friendly Energy. Los Angeles periods June 2001. 21 Jan. 2002. Greenwald, John Energy Here comes the sun. Time 18 Sep. 1993. 15 Jan. 2002. Kozloff, Keith Lee. Rethinking development assistance for renewable electricity sources. Environment Nov. 1995. 15 Jan. 2002. Linden, Eugene Selling the Sun and the Wind Renewable energy has come of age-but its more often than not foreign companies that are making bullion on it. Time 16 July 2001. 15 Jan. 2002.

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