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Wi-Fi Appealing Technology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wi-Fi Appealing Technology - Assignment Example Some of these technologies are â€Å"the wireless protocols 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. The Wi-Fi Alliance is the body responsible for promoting the term and its association with various wireless technology standards† (, 2011). The following figure shows how the Wi-Fi technology works. There is a wireless router at the access point that is generating signals within a range that are being identified by the Wi-Fis installed in the laptops, so they can use the Internet service without connecting any cable. The Wi-Fi Technology (David, 2009). 2) Why did you choose this technology I chose the Wi-Fi technology because it has made my life easier and has improved my social networking tendency. Wi-Fi provides me with access to the Internet. I consider Internet as my most fundamental necessity, and Wi-Fi happens to be the most convenient source of Internet so far. I try to remain online for most of my day in which I am awake because it helps me promote social netw orking. In the present age, social networking is the key to success and Internet helps me strengthen that through such social media websites as Facebook, Twitter and Skype. I am able to connect with my friends anywhere anytime as long as I have my Wi-Fi with me. Owing to its importance in my life, I have chosen the Wi-Fi. 3) If you choose a technology that you like, describe what you like about it Internet was important to me even in the days in which I had cable Internet, but that proved quite inconvenient in that I had to remain at the same place in order to use the Internet. I could not move beyond the length of my cable. Plugging in and detaching the cable was no less heck. Besides, I had to adjust the cable every time I sat so as to ensure it does come in anybody’s way. I could not operate Internet on my mobile with the cable connection. I like Wi-Fi because purchasing it has made my life way easier. I could roam about the place anywhere to use the Internet as long as I remained within the range of the Wi-Fi signals, which fortunately is sufficiently wide. Now I can avail the opportunity of using the Internet both on my laptop as well as my mobile. There is no cable that needs to be adjusted, attached or detached. All I need to do to connect the Internet is push a button on the keypad of my laptop or mobile. Although apparently it seems little change since the quality of service has remained unaltered, yet it has improved my productivity manifolds as I am able to connect with my friends more often than ever before. 4) Also describe what you do not like about this technology. What would you aim to improve? Bring ideas! What I don’t like about Wi-Fi is the fact that its charger needs a constant supply of electricity. This puts me in trouble when I have to use it in places where there is no electricity. Carrying the Wi-Fi around is also inconvenient since it is a large device. I would greatly appreciate if the developers could come up with a Wi -Fi device that is as small as a USB flash drive so that I may carry it around in my pocket. Another feature that can enhance its usability manifolds is giving the Wi-Fi device a battery backup with cells. I want to break free of the need to have an electric connection in order to turn my Wi-Fi device on. I don’t know if that is possible, but I would love to have a laptop that has in-built Wi-Fi Internet as a feature. In an ideal world, I would be sitting in the midst of a forest with a laptop on my lap and use the Internet without attaching anything to my laptop. I would not mind if such an Internet service costs me few dollars more! 5) Describe the history of this technology: its development process, inventor(s), people and companies involved in its development and

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