Saturday, August 24, 2019

US-Iran Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

US-Iran Conflict - Essay Example Accordingly, the following discussion will provide a detailed overview and step-by-step analysis of the chronological progression of Iran’s nuclear program and the means by which its relations with the United States and other global powers has become strained as a result. The first internationally reported news concerning Iran’s nuclear program came from a dissident group known as the national Council of resistance of Iran. Accordingly, this particular group revealed the fact that they were in fact to nuclear sites that were under construction within a run at the current time; one uranium enrichment facility and one heavy water facility. It is been speculated by many individuals that these facilities and their existence had been leaked to this particular group by powerful intelligence agencies that had long known of their existence (Ezeozue, 2013). As a direct result of this admission, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) demanded that Iran provide access to these sites so that monitoring could be conducted. Iran initially noted that such a request was irrelevant as the international treaties that were established concerning monitoring of nuclear facilities stipulated that they should only be monitored six months prior to coming online; something that Iran noted was not yet a reality for the facilities in question (Aghazadeh, 2013). Regardless of this the human denial, Iran eventually gave way and provided the IAEA inspectors access anyway. In May 2003, and â€Å"grand bargain† was suggested. This grand bargain was one in which full and transparent access to the nuclear program of Iran would be provided in exchange for security guarantees and the normalization of diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States. The underlying reason for this offer had to do with the fact that Iran was

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